Fujifilm XT4 Digital Camera Body Only Silver

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FUJIFILM X-T4 is a hybrid camera that uses cutting-edge technology to excel in creating both stills and motion imagery. Free yourself from compromise and be the image maker you’ve always wanted to be. With the fourth-generation X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor, X-Processor 4, a newly developed, compact in-body image stabilization (IBIS) system, the new ETERNA Bleach Bypass Film Simulation mode, and much more, it’s time to extend your creative limits with this incredible imaging tool.



For over 85 years, Fujifilm has been using its expertise in color science to produce some of the greatest photographic films in the industry. X-T4 harnesses the nostalgic beauty of this medium and makes it digitally accessible at the touch of a button. This has never been more apparent than with our latest Film Simulation mode: ETERNA Bleach Bypass, which creates a high-contrast look with low saturation to perfectly emulate the popular bleach bypass film processing technique.


Professional image makers need to be ready to frame moments instantly and, for that, they need a camera that can keep up. Not only does X-T4 deliver the fastest autofocus among APS-C mirrorless cameras at 0.02 seconds*, it is also equipped with a mechanical shutter capable of up to 15 frames per second, so you are ready to create images even during those fleeting moments.

*According to FUJIFILM research, February 2020.



X-T4 is a camera that has been created to ensure nothing stands between you and your creativity, even the most challenging conditions. To achieve this, it includes five-axis 6.5-stop* IBIS, and an ergonomic grip for handheld stability, extensive weather resistance for protection against dust, moisture, and 14°F (-10°C) temperatures, and a large-capacity battery, all designed to keep you creating for longer.


*Achieved with 18 XF FUJINON lenses.

Heinz Zak

In earlier days it almost was a must to use a tripod as a landscape photographer. Nowadays I find myself using it a lot less as the stabilization of cameras like X-T4 helps a lot to handhold most of my photos. Other times I would simply be too slow if I always put up a tripod. Also, the durability of the new and bigger batteries was a surprise. Even in the coldest conditions on the mountains the battery was lasting a lot longer compared with the regular size ones. Regarding reliability, I had exposed my X-T cameras to almost every climate you can imagine from the damp rain forest up to severe snowstorms on the high mountains but they never failed.


The evolution of X-T4 is not just limited to stills photography. In addition to the Full HD/240p high-speed recording which gives you a maximum 10x slow motion effect, X-T4 features digital image stabilization (DIS) and IS (Image Stabilization) Boost mode. By combining these two image stabilization modes with the powerful IBIS, X-T4 lets you experience a new level of stabilized video shooting without the need for a gimbal or other third party accessories.


So much tech in a beautifully engineered camera body.