Bluetti Ac60 P Expandable Portable Waterproof Power Station | 600 W (1200 W Surge) 504 Wh

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Water-resistant Solar Generator AC60
BLUETTI AC60 is made with significant upgrades in terms of features and capabilities, such as an IP65 rating for water and dust protection, <45dB quiet operation, expandable capacity of up to 2,015Wh, and more. It's an ideal powerhouse for your outdoor adventures and home emergency backup.

Power Anywhere, On the Road or Water
The AC60 is the world's first IP65-rated portable power station to be water-resistant and dust-proof. Compact at 20.06lbs, it is easy to carry and can provide power anywhere, anytime. From dusty deserts to lakesides, in sunshine or rain, you'll have peace of mind.

• 600W Rated Output Power
• 504Wh Battery Capacity
• LFP battery for Safety
• Super Fast Charging 1hour fully charge 100%
• Bidirectional Inverter technology
• Wireless Charging output
• No traditional charger/adapter needed
• Super low self consumption power
• Built in 200W MPPT solar charger
• Built in UPS function with 20ms switching time
• BLUETTI APP control (Bluetooth only)
• Remote firmware upgrade
• Quiet Charging mode for night use
• Pure sine wave inverter
• Power Lift mode to power device up to 1200W rate power ( Resistive Load only, eg . Kettle
• Capacity expandable with B80( up to 2XB80 for 2KWh including the built
in 403Wh)

• 2*AC outlets 230VAC
• 1x USB C 100W
• 2x USB A 15W
• 1x Wireless Charging 15W
• Cigarettes Lighter output 120W
• AC Charging power 600W
• 200W solar charging
• Grounding connector
• Built in Circuit Protector
• Colorful LCD display
• Multifunction Light (SOS)
• Dimensions: 290*205*234mm
• Weight: 8.6kg