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The BOYA BY-UM2 is a locking-type mini flexible audio microphone, ideal for interviews.

Broadcast-quality Omnidirectional Microphone
The BY-UM2 is built with an omnidirectional pickup pattern capsule with the same broadcast quality as the lavalier microphone. Featuring a 74dB signal to noise ratio, a -30±3dB sensitivity, and a 35Hz-to-18kHz frequency response, it ensures that users can get the sound as warm and natural as possible.

Locking-type Mini Flexible Gooseneck
The BY-UM2 features a locking-type mini flexible gooseneck. It is easy to adjust the direction and angle of the microphone. Compared with the soft lavalier audio cable, the mini flexible audio gooseneck has a enough strength to shoulder the whole capsule. So the journalists can connect it to a wireless microphone transmitter and hold them to interview. At the same time, you can lock it on the wireless microphone transmitter when there is a lock screw on the transmitter to prevent the BY-UM2 from creeping down from the transmitter.

3.5mm TRS Locking-type Mini Gooseneck Flexible Microphone
Product Highlights

• Compatible with most wireless microphone transmitters
like TX8 Pro with a TRS input jack.
• Plug and play, easy to use.
• Omnidirectional micropphone.
• Ideal for interviews, recording etc.