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Give some life to your photos using the Print and Fun modes

Flip the printer vertically or horizontally to change the app mode.

[image] Flip printer vertically for Print Mode and horizontally for Fun Mode

Print Mode

Print photos and videos easily from your smartphone!

Simple Print

[photo] Using app, swipe up on the image on phone and photo will print out of mini Link printer

Video Print

[photo] Phone stopping on a single frame from a video of people outside throwing confetti towards camera

Print your favorite frame from a video. Sometimes the best photos are action shots.

instax Camera

[photo] Hand tilting printer forward and backward to zoom in or zoom out and pressing instax button to take photo

To get your best shot, tilt the printer to zoom in and out then press the power button to take a photo.

Fun Mode

Print with friends for even more fun!

Sketch, edit & print

[photo] Various, colorful photos spread out on table and text added to photo prints

Spark your creativity with this new feature in FUN MODE! Import and add your sketches or text to your photos, then print!

[photo] Take picture of text/sketch, import it, align text/sketch on photo, and print new photo with text/sketch on it

Match Test

[image] Perform Match Test with one or two photos, select test type, and results will appear when image develops

This mode is guaranteed fun! Simply take a photo and select the 'take the test' function, or challenge yourself to a quiz in the 'leave it to fate' function.

Party Print

[photo] Different photos showing Party Print feature, with final photo printed from different photos taken with multiple devices

Connect with up to five friends to create a unique instax print! Turn on Surprise Mode to keep the final image a secret until it develops.

[image] Up to 5 phones can connect to engage in Party Print and Surprise Mode keeps images hidden until final result
"Surprise Mode"
[image] Surprise Mode turned on in app on phone, keeping image a secret from other person

Have fun choosing your photo!

Frame Print

[photo] Frame Print adding frame designs to photo prints

Choose from 27 fun frame designs to add to your photo!

Collage Print

[photo] Collage Print and Split Print

Choose from 14 collage styles, or split your photo across more than one instax print.

Other features


[photo] Hand holding printer upside down, while printer prints photo

Turn the printer upside down and press the power button to reprint your last instax photo!

  • * The last

High speed, continuous printing

[photo] Photo of woman smiling being printed out of printer, with various photos of already printed

The photo prints in just 12 seconds after the image is sent from your smartphone. Approximatley 100 photos can be printed continuously (when fully charged).

  • * Varies depending on usage conditions.

Instant instax printing of images taken on a digital camera

[photo] instax mini Link printer in Dark Denim color printing photo next to digital camera and photo prints

All X Series cameras that are compatible with the FUJIFILM Camera Remote app are supported.