Heipi Vision Kf602 Ultra Stable Professional Ball Head

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Exceptional Performance
Our KF602 ball head is a perfect companion for wildlife and video photography. Designed with a dynamic counterbalance system, it helps you concentrate fully on your camerawork. The friction control gives you the ability to pan and tilt smoothly while tracking wild animals.

Lightweight But Reliable
Weighed only 900g(2lbs), it holds up to 7kg(15.4lbs), providing a sturdy base capable of handling full frame DSLR cameras, telephoto lenses and heavy video equipment with ease.

• 3/8" screw for camera attachment
• One bubble level to ensure your tripod is well balanced Handle attachment
• Clear scribed line for easy positioning
• Innovative mechanical structure with counterbalance function
• Support heavy cameras and lens up to 7 kg (15.4lbs)
• Smooth friction
• Pan and tilt movement
• Applicable with commonly used Arca-Swiss quick release plate
• Weighed only 900 grams (1.98lbs)

Model: KF602
Weight: 900g / 2lbs
Material: Hard-anodized aluminiumPayload: 2-7kg / 4.4-15.4lbs
Quick release plate: Arca-swiss standard