Jupio Universal Fast Charger World Edition With Lcd Usb C Input

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The LUC0065 Jupio Universal Quick Charger is the successor of the very popular LUC0060. Product images show optional accessories and application examples .

Jupio Universal Fast Charger LCD (USB-C input)
The difference between the Jupio Universal Fast Charger LUC0065 and the LUC0060 is that the LUC0065 has a USB-C input, which will become the new EU standard.

This charger can charge most lithium-ion camera/camcorder batteries up to 7.4V. The adjustable pins of the charger can be connected to the positive and negative terminals of the battery. Don't worry about which pin is set to + and which pin is set to -, because the charger has automatic polarity.

In addition, you can also charge 2x rechargeable Ni-MH AA/ AAA batteries with a charging current of 600mA, as well as USB devices such as smartphones or tablets via the USB-A output.

The LUC0065 is equipped with a backlit LCD display that informs you about the charging progress day and night