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Promate Handypak1-S, a stylish, casual Camcorder shoulder bag transports a day’s worth of camera gear. The zippered top lid opens for wide access to switch a lens or grab the flash so you capture the best shots with ease. There are removable separators that create a fully customizable interior. Its Contemporary design adds intrigue and reveals just how much padding is protecting your camera. Handypak1-S also features multiple pockets for quick access to memory cards and other small items.

Promate HandyPak1-S defies the typically designed camera bags by offering depths of protection through a cushioned inner structure with adjustable storage walls and also easily adaptable into a modern, casual carry-all.

The versatility, contemporary details, and multi-purpose pockets and storage will keep you stylish and organized whenever you step out to click those great looking pictures
This bag features protective pockets for your DSLR camera, additional lens, flash and other accessories
This bag also features a waterproof cover to protect your camera and accessories
Carry your daily essentials with utmost safety, without running out of style