Schumacher Rugged Jump Starter 2000 A

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Anyone who has ever found themselves stranded by a dead battery knows the importance of a jump starter they can rely on. Schumacher’s SL1612 Rugged Jump Starter and USB Power Source features a long-lasting, internal lithium ion battery, which is reliable enough to jump start a vehicle 45 times on a single charge. The SL1612 jump starter delivers superior starting power and is the ultimate in versatility. With the multipurpose Schumacher SL1612, users can jump start a vehicle, charge their devices, and light up their work area. Boasting 2000 amps, this unit has the power needed to jump start 10-cylinder gas and 8-cylinder diesel engines. The SL1612, featuring a rugged new design, is built to withstand tough use, providing consumers a jump starter that works hard when they need it. Additionally, Schumacher’s Pre-Boost technology safely adds a pre-charge to deeply discharged batteries, while the unit’s Pre-Heating mode warms batteries in extreme cold for reliable charging in extreme conditions.

Additional Features:
• Internal lithium ion battery will jump start a vehicle UP TO 25 times on a single charge
• Compatible with 10.0L gas and 8.0L diesel
• 2.4A USB output, 2.0A USB input, and 12V input ports
• Built-in, 36-inch jumper cable with heavy-duty clamps
• Reverse polarity, short circuit, temperature, battery low voltage, overcurrent, overload, overvoltage, and overcharge protection
• 2.4A USB port charges mobile devices two times faster than a standard USB charger
• One-year warranty

Contents include: Schumacher SL1612 Rugged Jump Starter and USB Power Source, USB charging cable (1), 12V DC car charger (1), carry bag (1), and user manual

Weight: 3.52 lb
Width: 10.95 in
Depth: 5.63 in