Sg Sl102 Spc 10" Sports Grille Chrome Subwoofer With Led

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The new, revamped Signature Series subwoofers push the boundaries of what is possible on the water even further — delivering premium low-end frequencies now with CRGBW LED lighting found on luxury super yachts and an upgrade in acoustic performance for an unparalleled on-water audio entertainment experience.

The new Signature Series subwoofer lineup features all-new 12" subwoofers packing a thunderous 1600 watts peak power output and 10" subwoofers with enhanced 600 watts peak power to allow customers to truly experience 'The Power of Music'. Take your customer’s boating experience to the next level with premium aesthetics and upgraded LED lighting found on luxury superyachts to help set the mood. The new Signature Series sports style subwoofers are the world’s first marine subwoofers to incorporate CRGBW LED lighting for enhanced ambience.


-The innovative CRGBW lighting illuminates a wider range of colors with richer tones than standard RGB, to help set the mood for a premium on-water entertainment experience with enhanced ambience (sports-style speakers only).
-Fusion's True-Marine design philosophy stems from our experience confronting the harsh marine environment. By designing and engineering from the ground up specifically for real-world boating applications, our customers are assured that the equipment they fit into their vessel will deliver quality entertainment season after season.
-Enhanced 600 watts peak power (10" subwoofers)
-Rated IP65 for water and dust ingress protection, while also meeting industry standards for UV and salt fog protection. Enjoy confidence that your Signature Series speakers will last season after season in t he harsh marine and outdoor environment