Can't find a webcam?  Try this-

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Can't find a webcam? Try this-

With the current shortage of webcams we have had some enquiries as to whether DSLR and mirrorless cameras can be substituted.

Most cameras with a clean HDMI output can be connected to a capture card/device (eg Ninja or Algato) and a PC with OBS software loaded (free & open source), this will work well.

However many people don’t have a capture card and probably fewer will want to pay for one.

Sony have advised that all current Sony Alpha cameras except the A6000) can stream via USB using Sony Imaging Edge software and OBS Studio, no capture card required. While this is not officially Sony endorsed this method has been tested and appears to work quite well.

A tutorial video can be found here showing how to put this solution together.

Another tutorial video can be found here, USB remote streaming details start at 2:06

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