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Meet our team

Stephen Feldon

Meet Stephen Feldon, the visionary Managing Director behind our esteemed photo store. Stephen's journey with photography began at an incredibly young age, developing his first film at the tender age of 4. His lifelong passion for the art of photography has been the driving force behind his success, earning him accolades such as the Kodak Express store of the year awards. With a wealth of photographic experience, Stephen's love for the craft goes beyond business—it's about sharing the joy of photography with his customers in all its diverse forms. What sets him apart is not just his entrepreneurial spirit but the genuine pleasure he derives from witnessing others embrace and enjoy the artistry of photography under his guidance. For Stephen, it's not just about running a photo store; it's about fostering a community that cherishes the beauty of capturing moments through the lens.

Savannah Ross

Picture Framer

Meet Savannah Ross, the creative force behind the picture frames at Photo and Framed. With a keen eye for detail and a crafty creative streak, Savannah brings a unique touch to every frame she crafts. Her love for the intricate world of crawly critters is not only evident in her attention to detail but also in her fascinating collection of picture frames. Each frame tells a story, showcasing Savannah's passion for combining artistry with her appreciation for the beauty found in the smallest of creatures. Whether you're looking to preserve a cherished memory or showcase a special piece of art, Savannah's skillful hands and imaginative spirit ensure that every frame is a work of art in itself.

Amanda MacDonald

Photographer, Astro-Chick

Amanda MacDonald, our multi-talented photographer, seamlessly weaves her love for astrophotography and portrait photography into stunning visual narratives. Amidst the cosmos and capturing the essence of human connection, Amanda's lens tells stories that transcend the ordinary. As a dedicated mother of three, her boundless energy becomes the driving force not just behind her work but also in navigating the dynamic demands of home. Amanda's ability to balance the intricacies of astrophotography's celestial wonders with the intimate nuances of portrait sessions is a testament to her versatility. Her days are a whirlwind of creativity and caregiving, and whether she's framing the constellations or capturing the candid moments of family life, Amanda's passion for both realms of photography shines through with an infectious vitality.

Photo and Framed

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