Canon EOS R6 Mark II Mirrorless Camera (Body only)

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High-performance photo and video

Join the evolution into high-performance photo and video. The EOS R6 Mark II incorporates high-quality 24.2 megapixel images, fast shooting speeds of up to 40 frames per second (fps)¹, advanced subject tracking, as well as up to 4K 60p (6K oversampling) video.

Shoot decisive moments with high speed and no shutter noise with up to 40fps¹ with the electronic shutter. Particularly handy for situations where you want to stay quiet and unnoticed such as photographing wildlife, theatre or sports. Equipped with a pre-shooting mode, never miss a moment with its activation up to 0.5 seconds earlier than the shutter release.

  • Equipped with features made for movies

    With a wide selection of recording formats ranging from 4K 60p, Full HD 180p as well as RAW movie when recording to an external storage device, have ample flexibility when editing your videos. Never miss a critical moment with up to 5 seconds pre-recording before pressing the record button and improved continuous recording times of up to 6 hours.

  • Video conferencing and live streaming made easy

    Run high-quality video conferences, live streams or live movie releases via the web, by simply connecting the EOS R6 Mark II to a computer via USB. There's no need for any additional drivers to be downloaded.

    Steady shots hand-held or in low light

    The EOS R6 Mark II is equipped with 5.0-axis In Body Image Stabilization, which in conjunction with selected RF lenses, can achieve up to 8.0 stops of Image Stabilization. Shoot handheld in dim light or while using slower shutter speeds without the need of a tripod. With a maximum ISO of 102400 for stills and 25600 for movies, the EOS R6 Mark II has incredible low light shooting capabilities, with low noise and high image quality.

    Advanced subject tracking

    The EOS R6 Mark II supports tracking for a wide range of subjects, including humans, animals (dog, cat, bird, horse) and vehicles (car, motorcycle, train, aeroplane). It automatically responds to dynamically changing scenes and can track subjects over the entire frame. The high-performance subject tracking gives you the freedom to focus on composition.