Get over the Full Frame obsession! There is a way.

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Get over the Full Frame obsession! There is a way.

In a world obsessed with full-frame sensors, a smaller Micro Four Thirds sensor can still pack quite a punch. If you're wondering whether this compact system can meet your demanding photography needs, it’s time to rethink things.

Chris Baitson shares his experience with the OM System Micro Four Thirds in a video that details a whole year of hands-on use. He loves its lightweight build, which is perfect for anyone who enjoys outdoor adventures. The camera’s size even made him reconsider how important camera features and sensor size really are. It’s a real eye-opener for anyone chasing the latest full-frame gear.

Baitson also shows off how well this camera performs in different shooting conditions. In one memorable bit, he captures a stunning photo on an overcast and windy day. Using aperture priority mode, he gets impressive depth of field and sharpness. He often relies on the OM System 12-40mm f/2.8 Pro lens, which has become a crucial part of his kit.

Baitson wraps up with a discussion about the common misconceptions in photography gear. He tackles the myth that you need high-end full-frame cameras and lenses for high-quality images. Instead, he encourages you to choose equipment that fits your shooting style and needs, rather than just following trends. Baitson emphasizes that understanding and embracing your gear’s strengths and limitations is key to enjoying photography. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Baitson.

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