Capture One for Fujifilm Webinars - FREE

Capture One for Fujifilm Webinars - FREE

Fujifilm would like to share these Free Webinars for Capture One for Fujifilm


Webinars require registration, but are free.


Further details as follows:


<1st webinar : May 27th 14.00 GMT>
Theme: Getting Started With Capture One Fujifilm

In this introductory webinar, they will make sure you know exactly how to get started, and in turn hit the ground running with Capture One and why you should try it out.

- What is Capture One? (compared to other photo editing tools - what can you expect?)

- How to get started and import your photos
- Get orientated with the interface
- Learn about Capture One's unique editing tools


<2nd webinar : June 17th 14.00 GMT>
Theme: Work with Capture One Fujifilm like a pro!
Following on from the 1st webinar, this session is designed for you, now you have a grasp of the basics. It is assumed that you know the interface quite well and that you are interested in how to take your usage of Capture One to the next level. Get to know more about:
- Color editing and creative color grading
- Working with Layers and masking
- An introduction to tethered capture

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