Preserving Your Memories For Future Generations

Preserving Your Memories For Future Generations


Some of our best memories are held on VHS or other video tapes; we recorded birthdays, children growing up, celebrations of all kinds. The modern era has forgotten about these older formats and most of today’s DVD players no longer support VCR functionality. On the bright side however, you don’t need to go searching for technology now lost in obscurity, converting those old tapes to DVD or USB is an affordable and accessible option.



Converting your tapes to DVD

We are able to transfer your VHS, VHS-C, MiniDV, as well as other tapes to DVD’s for video playback on DVD players and computers with DVD drives. This allows you to enjoy those videos with friends and family whenever you’d like!


USB Drive

Taking it one step further – DVD to USB

Our encouragement is always to preserve memories in the best ways possible, and when it comes to videos, that includes as digital files. While DVD’s are a great step towards bringing your tapes to the modern age, transferring them to a USB as digital files allows you to share them easily with family, make quick copies, as well as view them on DVD players, computers, phones, tablets, and smart TV’s! Files on a USB or hard drive are also far less likely to degrade over time compared to a DVD and are a better way to future-proof your footage.

Do you have questions, or perhaps you’re interested in having those old videos transferred into a digital format? Contact us here to learn more.

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