Why use mats when picture framing?

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Why use mats when picture framing?

Are you a passionate art enthusiast or a photography buff who takes pride in displaying your treasured images? If so, have you ever considered the importance of mats in picture framing? While mats may seem like a small and often overlooked aspect, they can make a significant difference in the overall presentation and preservation of your framed artwork.
Framed print on the wall that is matted.
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1️⃣ Aesthetic Appeal: The primary purpose of mats is to create a visual separation between the artwork and the frame, enhancing its overall appearance. Mats provide a neutral border that draws the viewer's attention to the image itself, allowing it to stand out and take center stage. By selecting the right color, texture, and size of mats, you can amplify the impact of your artwork, complement its subject matter, and create a harmonious display that captivates the viewer's eye.
2️⃣ Depth and Dimension: Mats add depth and dimension to your framed artwork by creating a physical separation between the image and the glazing (glass or acrylic). This separation prevents the image from directly touching the glazing, thus preventing potential damage or sticking. The resulting depth creates a captivating visual effect, making your artwork appear more vibrant, dynamic, and professional.
3️⃣ Protection and Preservation: One of the most crucial roles of mats is to protect your precious artwork from harm. Mats act as a barrier, preventing the image from coming into contact with the glazing. This protective layer helps guard against issues such as moisture, condensation, and smudging. Furthermore, mats with acid-free properties can safeguard your artwork from deterioration caused by harmful chemicals, preserving its quality for years to come.
4️⃣ Customization and Personalization: Mats offer a world of creative possibilities, enabling you to customize and personalize your framed artwork according to your preferences. With a wide array of colors, textures, and materials available, you can select mats that align with your artistic vision, interior decor, or the mood you wish to convey. This flexibility allows you to transform a standard frame into a unique piece of art that reflects your individual style and personality.
5️⃣ Flexibility for Display: Mats provide flexibility when it comes to framing different-sized artwork or photographs. They allow you to adapt larger frames to smaller images, creating a visually pleasing border that maintains balance and proportion. Moreover, mats can accommodate irregularly shaped artwork or photographs, ensuring a clean and polished presentation regardless of the original image's dimensions.
6️⃣ Long-Term Value: By incorporating mats into your picture framing, you are investing in the long-term preservation and value of your artwork. Mats help protect your images from fading, yellowing, or discoloration that can occur when the image comes into contact with the glazing over time. By using acid-free mats and archival-quality materials, you can ensure that your framed artwork remains in pristine condition, retaining its beauty and value for generations to come.
Now that you are acquainted with the numerous benefits of using mats in picture framing, why not explore this creative avenue and enhance the visual impact of your cherished artwork? Incorporating mats into your framing process will not only elevate the aesthetic appeal of your images but also protect and preserve them for years to come. So, give your artwork the attention it deserves and unlock its full potential by embracing the power of mats in picture framing.
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Series of prints on the wall included matted examplesPhoto credit Charlotte May - Pexels

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