Fujifilm Instax Mini 40 is coming

Fujifilm is pleased to introduce the latest in their range of Instax Mini cameras, the Instax Mini 40.

The Mini 40 is a stylish addition to the Instax camera range and incorporates a high quality leather-like textured finish and premium silver accents.

Two key features of the Mini 40 are automatic exposure and selfie mode:

 Selfie Mode on the Fujifilm Instax Mini 40

The Mini 40 senses ambient light when the shutter is pressed and will automatically optimize the shutter speed and flash output accordingly. The  programmed electronic shutter shoots from anywhere between ½ second and 1/250 second based on the automatic exposure reading.


The Mini 40 selfie mode is activated by pulling out the front-end edge of the lens and then powering on the camera. Selfie mode is also good for taking-close-up images.

This amazingly retro stylish camera goes on sale from April 21, 2021.
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Finally, Fujifilm have also Instax Mini Contact Sheet Film, a homage to classic film photography. The instant film is designed to deliver a look reminiscent of a photographers contact sheet. Contact Sheet film will be available in a single pack of 10 exposures.

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