Blackvue Cpl Filter For Dr900 X / Dr750 X Dash Cameras

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BlackVue CPL Filter for BlackVue Dashcams:

• Adjustable Circular Polarizer/Linear (CPL) Filter for BlackVue Dashcams.

• Compatibility: DR900X, DR750X front cameras and past models with similar form factors (DR900S, DR750S, DR650S, DR650GW).

• Get rid of unwanted glare and reflections: Do you wish you could prevent unwanted glare in daytime videos? Is your dashboard reflecting into your windshield during the day? BlackVue CPL Filter (BF-1) dramatically reduces unwanted glare and reflections while producing more vivid and contrasted image in bright daylight.

• Get the best image under the sun: The BlackVue CPL Filter is all about allowing your dashcam to produce the best video quality in bright daylight.

• Compatible dashcams: The BF-1 is compatible with front-facing dashcams sharing the DR900X/DR750X form factor. That includes former models such as DR900S and DR750S. It also fits on DR650S and DR650GW, although less tightly. Not compatible with DR590/590W/590X and DR750-2CH LTE models.

• How it works: The BF-1 is a Circular Polarizer/Linear (CPL) filter lens. As such, it is designed to filter out any light reflections produced generally by the sunlight bouncing on surfaces such as the road…or your vehicle’s dashboard. Meanwhile, the filter lets in the natural light. The result is a contrasted image with vivid colours in bright daylight.

• Lens structure- More than meets the eye: The BlackVue CPL Filter is composed of high-quality materials and is treated to ensure durability. In addition to the polarizer, the BF-1 includes anti-scratch hard coatings on both surfaces, as well as a UV coating.

• When not to use it: Using a CPL filter at night or in a low-light environment may cause videos to appear even darker than usual. For this reason, we advise to remove the filter for night-time video capture. Luckily, the BlackVue CPL filter is easy to slide to the side while keeping it on the dashcam.