Blackvue Tamper Proof Case For Sedan, Suv

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The Blackvue Tamper-Proof Cases are designed to prevent access to critical components of the dashcam. All models block access to the microSD card slot and the power and video cable connectors on the front camera. The Tamper-Proof Cases for X Series models also allow to lock the angle of the front camera.

• For DR900X and DR750X Series models.
• For all windshield types (sedan, bus, truck, etc.).
(Windshield angle of 5°–90° with the horizontal)
• Rotation lock via hex screw.
Note: this tamper-proof case replaces the dashcam mount.

Compatible Models:
• DR900X Series (DR900X-1CH, DR900X-2CH, DR900X-2CH IR)
• DR750X Series (DR750X-1CH, DR750X-2CH, DR750X-2CH IR, DR750X-2CH TRUCK - NOT LTE VERSION)