Bluetti External Battery Connection Cable P090 D To Dc7909 For Ac180

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By using this cable, you can connect the B230/B300 external battery packs to your current Bluetti power stations.
Note: To enable the standalone power output at the P090D port (power bank mode) of B230/B300, press and hold the power button for about 10 seconds till the indicator flashes.

P090D To DC7909
Applicable Models: AC180, Length: 59in/150cm.

P090D To XT90
Applicable Models: AC200MAX, Length: 59in/150cm.

P090D To MC4
Applicable Models: EP500Pro, Length: 59in/150cm.

P090D To P150D
Applicable Models: AC500(Only for B300 connected to AC500), Length: 31in/80cm.