Haida Pro Ii C Pol + Variable Nd Filter 3 7 Stop 77 Mm

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The Haida PROII CPL + Variable ND 2-In-1 filter features a unique patented frame design which combines both CPL and variable ND by rotating the independent inner and outer rings. By combining both CPL and variable ND, not only are you able to correctly expose your image in various lighting conditions, but also eliminate the interference of polarized light and improve the overall texture of the picture.

The thickness of an ordinary single layer Variable ND on the market is 6-8mm, whereas we use a precise design and processing to control the thickness of the 2-In-1 filter to a mere thin 6.5mm thickness. Perfect for any ultra wide angle lenses.

The Haida PROII CPL + Variable ND 2-In-1 filter allows 3-7 stops of light and eliminates any cross hatching which may be experienced with other alternatives on the market.

3-7 stops of light with cross hatching
2-in-1 filter system combining both CPL and Variable ND
CNC lightweight aluminium design
Unique patented inner and outer design
Slimline only 6.5mm thick
Perfect for ultra wide angle lenses
Matte black inner ring to reduce glare