Kodak Film GB135-24 200 Gold 3pk

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Kodak Gold 200 film works well under bright light or partly sunny lighting. This film demonstrates high sharpness and high resolution, as well as providing excellent results for general-purpose photography. Its high resolution works well when shooting sports, fast action, and still life shots.

Kodak's GOLD 200 Colour Negative Film is a 200 ISO ( Medium ) daylight-balanced colour negative film offering a versatile combination of vivid colour , fine grain, and high image detail. At a nominal ISO sensitivity of 200/24° and wide exposure latitude for exposing up to two stops under or three stops over to enable working in a wide variety of lighting conditions. Additionally, due to the fine grain structure, this film is well-suited for scanning or enlarging your photographs.

Each pack contains three rolls of 24 Exposure, 35mm film.


Film Format 135
Film Type Colour Negative
Film Speed 200
Colour Balance Daylight
Film Processing C-41
Number of Exposures 24
Number of Rolls 3