Nitecore Li Ion Rechargeable Imr 14500 Battery (650m Ah)

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The NITECORE NI14500A is a high-performance 14500 rechargeable Lithium-Ion IMR battery specifically developed for high-drain applications like the Nitecore EA11. It has a 650mAh capacity and a maximum continuous discharge current of 6.5A.

This high-discharge performance Lithium Manganese IMR button top battery is NOT protected against being over-charged, over-discharged or short circuited. It is therefore very important to observe the following when using these cells:

Do not discharge below 2.75V
Do not charge over 4.2V
Use with Nitecore Chargers
Do not short circuit (may release potentially hazardous current)
Maximum continuous discharge current 6.5A
Capacity 650mAh
Voltage 3.7V
Li-ion batteries should be used and handled with care. For more information on using, charging and storing these types of rechargeable batteries visit