Schumacher Battery Charger 12 V 10 A And Maintainer For Agm Sla Gel Cell Spi

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Extend your batteries life with the Schumacher SPi 10 Battery Charger 12V/10A. It is a fully automatic 10-Amp battery charger/maintainer.

The battery charger is microprocessor controlled and designed with multi-stage charging to ensure it is faster, smarter and safer. The Schumacher SPi 6 charges battery types such as AGM, Standard, Gel Cell, Calcium and Start/Stop. It charges the battery up to three times faster than traditional chargers. It features a digital display, a hook attachment, battery clamps and ring connectors. Made with an IP Rating, IP20.

Benefits & Features

12V / 10A Automatic

Microprocessor controlled - multi-stage charging for added precision, safety and battery life

For battery types – AGM, Standard, Gel Cell, Calcium, Start/Stop

Extends battery life - up to 2 years longer

3 x faster charging than traditional chargers

Float mode monitoring

Reverse hook-up protection

Hook attachment, language button, digital display, LED indicators, AC power cord, battery clamps and ring terminal (quick-connect)

IP Rating: IP20

Input: 230V AC, 50Hz, 2.0A

Output: 12V DC @ 10A