Scosche Magic Mount Surface Mount

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Scosche's MAGFM magicMOUNT makes mounting a smartphone or media device in your car so easy. Just surface-mount it to a convenient spot on any smooth surface in your car. You'll need to stick the included MagicPlate? onto the back of your device, but Scosche gives you two ultra-thin sizes that are easy to hide behind a protective case or battery cover. Once you apply the MagicPlate, simply place your device onto the magicMOUNT and it stays put.

The simple design of the MAGFM mount allows you to position your device just the way you want it without any fuss.
? Universal mount for smartphones, MP3 players, and GPS devices
? Surface-mounts onto car dash using adhesive backing
? Magnetic MagicPlate? holds your device in place
? Cradle-free design
? Heat/cold resistant
? Warranty: 1 year