Wandrd Standard Accessory Straps Black

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Our Accessory Straps are as versatile as they are simple, featuring high-quality secure gatekeeper g-hooks, cam lock side-release buckles, and a velcro and roll tail management system. Use them to secure your gear internally or externally across a variety of WANDRD products. Someone once said you would be an idiot not to own a pair. That someone is us; we said that.

Product Highlights
• Side Release Buckle with Cam Webbing Lock
• Secure Gatekeepers
• Tail Management System

1" (25mm) Webbing
• Min. Length: 6" (15 CM)
• Max. Length: 20" (51 CM)
Materials: PP Heat Webbing, Woojin Gatekeepers, EasyS/R Buckle w/ Cam Lock